Thursday, April 16, 2009

Movers and Shapers Core Committee Minutes

Monarch Movers & Shapers Core TeamMeeting Minutes:

April 2, 200912:30 PM, Monarch Learning Center

Core Team/Faculty Members:Present: Justin Fox, Stephanie Wheatley, Carrie Logan, John Hardesty, Marty Webb, John Barone, Shannon Woodruff, Kandyce Shyer.

· Meeting called to order at 12:37 p.m. by Chairman Fox.
· Lunch enjoyed by all.
· Current projects lists and agendas distributed.

Opening greetings by Chairman Fox

· Movers and Shapers Core Committee members were recognized with special gifts of Monarch Glen Merlot from Chairman Fox.
· Chairman Fox opened the meeting by recognizing John Hardesty’s musical success. His song “Everlasting Love,” from John Hardesty’s second CD, “Living in the Light” has made its way to radio. After one week of being promoted, it’s been picked up by over 30 stations nationwide and in Japan, England and Peru as well.
· Chairman Fox noted that the Discovery Garden at the Houston Zoo is being re-purposed by the zoo. Monarch will employ outdoor space projects at the new campus.
· Chairman Fox recognized Stephanie Wheatley, Britney McGarvey and Marion Defalco for helping to address 450 envelopes on February 23 for the Sneak Peek event at the new campus, which was held on April 1, 2009.
· Chairman Fox complimented Carrie Logan for her purchase of artificial decorative Monarch butterflies. Carrie is also testing the Monarch homepage on her personal computer.

Remarks by John Barone, Director of Communications

· A Place for All is selling well. John requested M&S group and friends go to and St. Mary’s Press ( Each has an area for endorsements of the book. The more popular the book is, the longer it stays on the website, therefore increasing the opportunity for sales.
· Haven’t had an opportunity to read the book? You can read Chapter 1 for free online. Read the chapter and review that. Just get your thoughts on the websites as soon as possible.
· John Barone also requested to return to the review and click on “Was this review helpful?” for each review that is posted. This also increases popularity of the book.
· 21st Century Learning has hired John Barone to conduct workshops based on A Place for All. Mr. Barone can use the workshops as a platform for book sales. Assistance is needed to book workshops in school and faith communities. The title of the workshop is “Becoming a Better Teacher.” Please note that the Monarch philosophy and methodology is individualized to meet the needs of the school and/or faith community.
· The Monarch Hour was on KPFT, March 23rd, 2009. Mr. Barone recognized Patrick Light for doing a terrific job.
· Mr. Barone recognized Chairman Fox for his hospitality and welcoming demeanor with newcomers to Monarch, Mikeda Jess most recently.

Remarks by Shannon Woodruff, Director of Development
· Shannon updated the group with a report that John Barone and Dick Bartell have supported Monarch’s ongoing efforts with the George Foundation, advocating for funding for the scholarship fund tagged for Fort Bend County families.

Remarks by Dr. Webb
· Dr. Webb thanked all present for the successful Sneak Peek event held the night before, April 1, 2009, at the new Monarch campus. New relationships were cultivated.
· Monarch is currently in pursuit of federal funding options.
· Dr. Webb noted that the school is close to breaking even on the cost of the pavers, due in part to the sales of $2,300 from the Sneak Peek event.
· Dr. Webb recognized Stephanie Wheatley for eight scrapbooks that have been completed and delivered to TMS.

Developers Committee report by Chairman Fox
· Currently and continually working on friends, funds and updating the email list. Email list is being completed by Joe, Justin and Marion.
Builders Committee update by Stephanie Wheatley
· Stephanie announced work continues on the scrapbooks.
· Campus spruce-up (date and time TBA) will be minimal as this will be the last season at the present campus. Marty Webb to discuss with Debrah Hall best timing for spruce-up project.
· Parent coffee scheduled for 4-15-09; Stephanie created album keepsake for the parents that attend the event.

Educators Committee update by John Barone
· John noted that Miranda Bennett is preparing for her return to her duties with the Educators Committee as she continues to enjoy motherhood.

Heralds Committee update by Marion Defalco (as read by John Barone)
· Efforts continue to receive grants from Boundless Playgrounds, Peace for Children (Donald and Lisa Pliner).
· Efforts continue to enlist radio interview with Bill Gates.
· Application for new John Travolta Foundation (for deceased son Jett Travolta) was initiated.
· Play Park Structures pricing is imminent.
· The Pliners were invited to a special tour of the new campus building and grounds April 4 or 5 during their visit to their Houston Flagship store in Highland Village.
· Marion will deliver two copies plus flyers of A Place for All to Catholic churches, relatives and The St. Francis Medical Center in Illinois the weekend of April 3-7.

Meeting Adjourned at 1:30 PM

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