Monday, October 09, 2006

Blaffer Gallery programs for students

Ranger has been talking to a friend of hers at UH's Blaffer Gallery, exploring possibilities for Monarch students to visit and enjoy some of the gallery's educational programming. Please take a look at the Education section of their website and let Ranger or me know if you'd like more details. (In addition to being an interesting place to visit, the Blaffer has the advantage of being on the UH campus, and a session there could be combined with a stop at another site, such as the KUHF studio, mentioned in an earlier blog post.)


debrah said...

What an incredible experience. At this time none of the Apprentice learners are ready to parttake, but thanks for the connection. It gives us something to work toward.

neal sarahan said...

miranda - sounds like I should schedule a time to talk with ranger. It's all a matter of folding in opportunities with all the things that we currently do - and I want to add to what we do.

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