Thursday, November 16, 2006

Movers and Shapers Christmas Party??

Would any of you be interested in a Christmas get together? One of our M & S members (John Barone) suggested that we ask our chairman (Justin Fox) to host!!! Other members (myself, Julie Meaux and Emily Reiter) thought this was an excellent idea!!! (Justin, I would start making and freezing the 'petits fours' now!!!!
Any interest, comments, suggestions as to how we could pull this off?

Happy Thanksgiving!!!


Marty F. Webb said...

I am still recovering from the fantastic Miracle Makers Morning breakfast, but I'm always up for a party! Let me take this opportunity, though, to thank the Movers and Shapers for your fantastic support of the breakfast! You brought yourselves and you brought some fabulous guests! The response to the program we presented that morning has been so positive. We did indeed raise some funds ($137,000) and still counting AND we raised some FRIENDS, fulfilling the dual purpose of the breakfast. Thank you so much for your support!

Justin Fox said...

Well, now, I'm always up for any party! I'd be happy to host it. However, I don't think that my home in The Woodlands would be the ideal location, due to its long commute there for almost all of our M&S members living in Houston. So perhaps a better location would be a restaurant (or even M&S home) closer to The Monarch School. Let me know your thoughts. It'd be best to finalize our plans on or before our next M&S meeting on Dec. 7th.

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