Sunday, December 10, 2006

Developers Meeting Minutes - December 7, 2006

Present: Julie Meaux, Justin Fox, Jessica Stoner, Jenny Ferguson, Marion Defalco and Kim Hollard

  • We welcomed 2 new members - Marion Defalco and Kim Hollard
  • Jessica asked for volunteers to contact individuals in the Monarch data base to touch base with them and ask if they would be willing to provide us with an email address so that The Monarch School can stay in touch with them electronically via 2 news letters each year as well as other upcoming events and news
  • Jessica suggested that next year volunteers contact the individuals that attend the breakfast, but do not make a donation, to thank them for attending the breakfast and ask if we can get an email address and add them to the school's data base
  • Marion suggested we contact real estate agencies to educate them about Monarch, provide them with Monarch literature they can share with clients and possibly try to get one of the agencies to host an event with the proceeds going to The Monarch School
  • Kim spoke in length to Jenny regarding the capital campaign and suggested several possible contacts to help with the campaign


Debrah Hall said...

Thank you PENNY for a wonderful party. It was great to visit with all in attendance.

Happy Holidays to all,

Marty F. Webb said...

First of all, thank you to our Hostess Extraordinare, Penny Weiss, for a fabulous holiday party yesterday afternoon. This should go down as one of the main perks to having belonged to M & S this year! OVER THE TOP! WAY OVER THE TOP!

Second, the developers committee's report just posted is so exciting. Our Admissions Director, Jennalee Taylor, and I were just talking a few days ago about realtors being the next target group for her. So Marian, I would absolutely love for you to contact Jennalee at your convenience and see what the two of you can get rolling.

And just one other idea for the Developers committee. Although certainly NEXT year's breakfast guests are folks we'd like to have an email address for so that we can keep in touch, we'd actually like to start that with THIS year's breakfast guests. The breakfast was only 3 weeks ago, so it is hopefully still on their minds, and if some of you have some time to make phone calls to tell those people thank so much for coming and to inquire if they would allow us to keep them informed, that would be fabulous. If you want to do that, please call me (713/479-0800) or email me and I'll be happy to provide you with an easy "script" for the phone calls, and Jessica can give you some names to call!

Thanks to all for your fabulous efforts. We will get so much farther faster with you helping us!

John said...

Thanks a million Penny! So sorry I was not able to be there :(



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