Wednesday, February 07, 2007

We're in the News!

Monarch parent Jonathan Etterbeek was interviewed regarding special education in Texas. The interview will air this Thursday at 9:30pm on Channel 9 (Fox News). Jonathan is an articulate spokesperson and advocate for families whose children's needs cannot be met by the public schools.

We appreciate you, Jonathan!



Marion Defalco said...

PLEASE URGE PARENTS, RELATIVES AND FRIENDS TO CONTACT THEIR LEGISLATIVE MEMBERS OF CONGRESS TO HELP. Jonathan's message is paramount to helping children of special needs in the military - particularly during these perilous times and in the future.
I was a military wife and special education teacher through out the US and Germany so I can identify with his passion.

Marion Gebhardt Defalco

Shannon Woodruff said...

Please note that the interview with Jonathan has been moved to mid-week next week. Marty will send out an email informing us of the date as soon as we find out.

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