Thursday, May 21, 2009

May Meeting Minutes!

Monarch Movers & Shapers Core TeamMeeting Minutes: May 11, 200912:00 PM, Monarch Learning CenterCore Team/Faculty Members:Present: Justin Fox, Stephanie Wheatley, Carrie Logan, Marty Webb, John Barone, Shannon Woodruff, Kandace Shyer, Vicki Luquette, Mikeda Jess, Marion DefalcoProceedings:
· Meeting called to order at 12:15 p.m. by Chairman Fox.
· Lunch enjoyed by all.
· Current projects list and agenda distributed.
· Marion Defalco passed around her NASA lapel pin to receive a special thought, rub and wish for luck and good fortune from each member present as her husband Frank’s invention is currently being considered at NASA.
· Mikeda Jess was introduced as newest M&S member and welcomed to the group.
Opening greetings by Chairman Fox

· Chairman Fox introduced outline of special two-hour meeting. The first hour was dedicated to reflecting on the prior year; the second hour was dedicated to goal setting for the coming year.

Remarks by John Barone, Director of Communications

· John Barone began his presentation on reflection of the group. First he discussed a business model for a widget, and the criteria to market and sell said widget, such as:
1) finding/choosing product
2) designing and finding efficient ways to produce it
3) cost
4) hiring work force
5) targeting the market
6) functionality and appeal
7) profit
8) throwaways

· Fortunately for us the Monarch model is organic, less business-like and more relationship-based. Job descriptions at Monarch are not static; they are organic. Individuals grow in ways unique to them.
· As we reflected on the strengths of the M&S core committee, we contributed the following ideas and thoughts:
1. Common goals
2. Responsive to needs
3. Diverse perspectives
4. Dedicated to project completion
5. Enthusiasm
6. Leadership
7. Tilling new ground

· These thoughts led John to invite the group to consider possible paths and dreaming dreams for the group. The following ideas and thoughts were contributed:
1. Involving the neighborhood at the new campus
2. Relaxing the structure of the committees
3. Enlarging the group
4. Considering a name that more fits the group, such as
a) Best Friends of Monarch
b) Hearts of Monarch
c) Monarch Mates
d) Movers and Shapers Do It with Heart
e) Movers and Shapers Have Heart
f) BFFs of Monarch
5. Cohesion is based on relationship within the group
6. Involve/recruit parents by way of a standing group meeting
7. Create more energy with the parents
8. Better education to parents regarding the function of Movers and Shapers
9. Loosening up in terms of expectation and structure
10. New location/moving/new routines/new projects in a new environment will require support of M&S in order to take the workload off of the faculty. (Dr. Webb then recognized the M&S group for all of the excellent projects, both completed and ongoing.)
11. In the spirit of relaxing the structure of the group, consider that a member’s pause in attendance at meetings and/or involvement doesn’t need to result in exiting the group or guilty feelings.
12. As the group continued to consider possible paths, we included how we want meetings to look in the future. Included in those ideas were:
a) To maintain the time and place, yet make the meetings quarterly
b) To make the meetings quarterly
c) Allow for smaller groups to meet to discuss projects as needed
d) Yearly retreat, Christmas party, and additional social interaction
13. Blog needs updating
14. Social networking could be provided via Facebook

· At this point in the meeting Vicki Luquette was introduced and welcomed to the group. Vicki will be stepping in to Stephanie Wheatley’s role as one of the two Monarch parent liaisons to our M&S group. The other Monarch parent liaison for next school year will be Julie Schwartz.
· Break at 1:05 for five minutes.
· After the break, Chairman Fox invited the group to address Goals of the group for the upcoming school year. Goals included:
1. Promoting quality over quantity and nurturing the relationship within the group
2. Adopt a relationship/friend based structure
3. Retain Friends of Monarch (M&S predecessor) through communication
4. Smaller meetings and groups
5. Social networking
6. Improve communication
7. Social events
8. Recognition of group members for good work, completed projects, efforts and ideas
9. Flexibility versus rigid structure
10. Recognize individual talents and affinities of each member, instead of pigeon holing them into being assigned to one of four standing committees.
11. Accountability (Justin to maintain a master list; independently report to Justin on project’s status via email, phone or at meetings.)
12. Keep projects meaningful and doable
13. Update M&S link to Monarch web page
14. Redesign structure of group (consider meetings to be scheduled quarterly; maintain the online application for members)
15. Kickoff retreat to be held in August 2009
16. Faculty not required or needed to attend each meeting of group
17. It was definitely decided to hold meetings quarterly in 2009-10
18. Fall project: Work on dedication of new building
19. Start a Facebook page now
­ Justin will start the group on Facebook and be the maintainer of it
­ We will keep the group public so prospective members can view it
20. Discuss the possibility of renaming the group
­ At the meeting, the group came to the consensus to retain our Movers and Shapers name, but change the scope of the group
· After the group brainstormed goals for next year, they were asked the following question: What will the meeting structure look like?
1. Educational – staff member could present or a mini-session on Monarch could be presented
2. Celebrational – celebrating one another on accomplishments
3. Social – Could be a lot of different things (eating, scrapbooking, cookie exchange, ornament exchange, potluck, etc.)
· It was also discussed that instead of just inviting the Core Committee members to meetings, the whole group of volunteers would be invited. John, Marty and Shannon would also be invited regularly. It was noted that just because all faculty is not invited does not mean that they are not welcome.
Meeting adjourned at 2:00 p.m.

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