Wednesday, May 10, 2006


Welcome to the Monarch Movers & Shapers blog! This blog will facilitate communication within the Movers & Shapers volunteer group, as well as publicize the work we do in support of the Monarch School, a school in Houston, Texas, dedicated to providing an innovative, therapeutic education for children with neurological differences.

If you are already involved in Movers & Shapers and would like to be added to this blog as an author (so you can post entries like this one), please contact Miranda Henry at Even without author privileges, you can always post comments to an existing entry. To stay current with posts to this blog, just add the address to an account at Bloglines or another subscription service.

Questions or comments about the blog should be directed to Miranda.

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jbshawphd said...

Glad to be a part of this blogging process - many thanks to those of you who work so hard as volunteers behind the scenes of our many successes!

- Dr. Bryant

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