Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Search by Category and Other Blog News

I'm happy to announce the debut of a new blog feature: categories! As you can see, all posts now include one or more descriptive labels, and a menu on the right side of the page allows you to select a category to view. Please start using labels when you add new posts (you can apply as many labels as you'd like to a post, and you are welcome to create new labels if needed).

Other blog news....

If you have been asked to upgrade your Blogger account to a Google account when logging in, please go ahead and do it. Let me know if this causes any problems.

Upgrading the blog caused the email alert functions to disappear. I put Blogarithm back (at the very bottom of the page), but since Blog Alert wasn't working well, anyway, I'm going to leave it off. IMPORTANT: If you use the email option and are not receiving new posts that way, please use the Blogarithm box to sign up (again).

One cool thing about sorting all the posts into categories is that it makes very clear what exciting things our group has done and is doing!



Debrah Hall said...

Miranda this is great! Thanks so much. Debrah

Justin Fox said...

Wow! Do we M&Sers have the greatest Blogger, or what?! Thanks for your wonderful update to our M&S blog, Miranda!
-- Justin

Marty F. Webb said...

Fabulous work, Miranda! You continue to provide our group with better ways to communicate....and thus spread our enthusiasm! Thank you!

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