Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Educators Activity

Last Friday, I had the opportunity to work with several Monarch parents and students at the monthly parent education meeting. We focused on finding information online, using familiar tools like Google and Wikipedia but also lesser-known resources available through the Houston Public Library, HISD, and other providers. The students participated enthusiastically in our discussion of internet search engines, social networking programs (like MySpace), and subscription databases. I was very impressed and pleased by their thoughtful contributions to the conversation, and I hope the Educators will have more opportunities like this soon! (Don't you all want to join us now?)

By the way, one of the most interesting things the students mentioned was the Monarch Wikipedia page. I hope they'll work on improving the page and share their expert knowledge of Monarch with the world!


Debrah Hall said...

I am sorry I could not attend. I learned last week that wikipedia pages can be edited. That worries me a lot to know that kids are referencing it so much and it may not be factual. What are you thoughts on that?

Justin Fox said...

Miranda did a terrific job, to which I can personally attest, since I was there for part of her presentation last Friday. Thanks, Miranda! And I didn't know until now that The Monarch School has a cool Wikipedia post!

Marty F. Webb said...

Ditto Justin's comments! Miranda is a fabulous teacher. I'm so pleased that Dr. Neal found a way for some very interested students to attend. Thank you, Miranda AND Dr. Neal!


John said...

Miranda, you are a FANTASTIC presenter. It was delightful to see you captivate both parents and teachers with your presentation!

And thanks for your flexibility when we interrupted for photos!



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