Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Builder's Minutes - Thursday, April 5, 2007

Present; Carrie Logan, Sarah Ranger, Penny Weiss, Stephanie Wheatley

  • Herb Garden - Penny Weiss gave a report on her visit to an herb garden in Fredericksburg. Marion DeFalco made the initial contact with Bill and Sylvia Varney, the herb gardeners and accompanied Penny on her visit. It was hoped that Bill Varney would be able to donate his time and expertise in developing an herb garden at the new campus. Penny and Marion quickly established that he would be unable to do this. He was however, extremely helpful with providing information on herbs, providing garden plans and expressed a willingness to provide any information we may need in the future.
  • Scrapbook - Penny Weiss and Stephanie Wheatley have begun work on the Monarch Scrapbooks. The intention is to devote one scrapbook to each year of Monarch's existence, chronicling its growth and development. Scrapbooks and materials have been purchased, and photographs and articles have been organized.Stephanie has contacted about 20 parents to ask them for their 'Monarch' story. Only a handful have replied so far. Stephanie said she would contact the parents again and be more specific about the deadline date. Carrie Logan suggested the idea of having an online version of the scrapbook. Marty has expressed a desire to have the stories online, but to organize the pictures would require effort from a staff member. We agreed that to have the first 10 years in a hard copy format would be the best option, though there maybe a continuity issue with scrapbooking future years.
  • AV System - Carrie Logan informed the group that her husband Jimmy was helping with the selection of AV equipent and systems.
  • Monarch residential homes - The Builder group has offered its help to refurbish and decorate the residential homes. This project is mainly under the ownership of the Monarch students. Debra Hall had mentioned that there maybe some work days scheduled in either June or July. Penny said she would follow up on this.
  • Mulching Project, Apprentice Campus - Fresh mulch is needed at the Apprentice campus.
  • Power Wash Awning - Penny stated that she would powerwash the awning at the Apprentice campus.

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