Thursday, April 26, 2007

Apprentice Campus Cleanup!

Dear Movers and Shapers,

The Builder's Committee cordially invites you to join us in an afternoon/early evening of fresh air & fun with just an itty-bitty bit of work attached!

WHERE: Monarch Apprentice Campus
WHEN: Monday, May 14, 4-8 PM (or dark)
WHY: Apprentice Campus Clean-Up Day
WHAT: Clean the trails, spread mulch, clean the pond, freshen the circle and front gardens

Water, soft drinks and snacks to satisfy your epicurean desires will be provided by the Builder's Committee.

Come whenever you can and stay for only as long as you can. If you happen to have a wheelbarrow, shovel, hedge clippers, a husband or significant other, children, friends, or neighbors that you could bring along -- all are more than welcome. Also, what a great way, to introduce them to Monarch!

Thanks so very much for your help and we look forward to seeing you on campus!!!

Penny Weiss
Builder's Committee


John said...

I'll be there!

EmilyRei said...

Me too, I can't wait!

Marty F. Webb said...

I will be there! Here's the list of "chores":

1. Pull up grass that has already been edged all around the walking trail
2. Apply a thick layer of mulch
3. Add extra mulch in low areas at back (from bench to far left chalkboard)

1. No need to empty!
2. Pull out half of the tall ruellia: the FRONT half
3. Pull all ruellia from north side. Pull one stalk at a time so the roots come up.
4. Pull St. Augustine that has gone past the river rock bordering the pond

1. Pick up branches
2. Pull ruellia from variegated ginger “bed”

1. Plant new wilkweed in pots
2. Sweep roofs of all three buildings
3. Scrub tops of tupperware boxes containing sand for when deck is slick
4. Replace one wooden board on deck (needs a 10’ treated 2 x 4)

1. Plant 8 milkweed inside each “wing” (milkweed already purchased)

1. Cut back pencil cactus to 2’
2. Trim lower limbs off big center tree
3. Trim wax myrtle hanging over deck
4. Trim river birch where it is hanging over roof of admin building

1. Treat antbeds by fire hydrant, by rock in front of building and in front quarter bed
2. Move tile birdbath from under window to front section of quarter bed
3. Cut back live milkweed to 6”
4. Trim up holly tree (lower 4 branches)
5. Cut back celosia to 2’ tall
6. Cut Turks cap back, 2’ off the front
7. Trim two large plants in key lime bed
8. Divide and replant rudbeckia
9. Mulch front beds
10. Trim witch hazel to 6” below window; same height under window next to it
11. Trim hamillia (needs lopping shears)
12. Deadhead salvia
13. Level birdbath in quarter bed
14. Weed area by chalkboard: watch for poison ivy and poison oak
15. Pull aphidistra in same bed

1. Cut back volunteer “tree” growing over first and second parking places
2. Cut back hedge all along that driveaway

Miranda Bennett said...

I plan to be there, too. Will the Builders be providing bug spray?

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