Friday, April 13, 2007

Summary of Movers and Shapers meeting on April 12th:

At the start of the meeting John Barone gave us his first-hand account of the highly-successful, first KPFT radio program hosted by The Monarch School on April 5th; the next Monarch radio show is expected to be in June or July, 2007.

Dr. Marty Webb next provided us with her encouraging overview of the new campus capital campaign and her exciting vision for the new buildings and layout of the campus, which is scheduled to open in the Fall of 2008!

Justin and John then briefed everyone in attendance on the newly-adopted modifications to the M&S structure. Basically, there are 3 changes, as follows:
(1) M&S membership is now defined as either "active," i.e., being able and willing to attend almost all of the meetings and related activites, and "auxiliary," i.e., being in good standing, but not having the requisite time to fully function as an active member.
(2) M&S Core Committee now consists of the following members: chairman; all committee facilitators; three at-large, or non-facilitator, members. The Core Committee's primary responsibility is to guide and advise our group on all important matters and issues, and to meet periodically (ideally on a monthly basis during the school year) in order to accomplish this.
(3) M&S's four committees' primary responsibilities defined as follows:
(a) Builders Committee: will do these 3 tasks on a monthly basis: 1. clear The Monarch School (TMS) trails; 2. work in the Houston Zoo's butterfly exhibit; 3. maintain flower beds of Apprentice campus. Also it will compile a TMS scrapbook and assist the new campus, as needed and requested.
(b) Developers Committee: will work, as requested by TMS, on capital campaign and on other fundraisers; will develop new friends of TMS through monthly recruits for Tuesday tours, making influential contacts, and bringing in new M&S members.
(c) Educators Committee: will provide volunteers for Challenger campus reading program, proof read new sections of TMS website, and maintain the M&S blog.
(d) Heralds Committee: will spread the word about TMS through various mediums (electronic, radio, mail, literature), make presentations about TMS to influential persons, and gather new email addresses for etap.

There was also a discussion of how best to convey TMS faculty's "wish list," or "things-to-do" projects to our M&S group. This will be accomplished through TMS website, with oversight by the Head of School.

Finally, each facilitator of the 4 committees listed their respective recent activities and projects, and those contemplated in the near future. There was considerable input (too lenghty to detail in this brief M&S blog!) by the following faciltiators:
1. Penny Weiss, Builders Committee
2. Julie Meaux, Developers Committee
3. Miranda Bennett, Educators Committee
4. Marion Defalco, Heralds Committee

Thanks to all who attended this very informative and productive meeting!

The next M&S Core Committee meeting is scheduled for Thursday, May 10th, 12:30 -2 p.m. at The Monarch Learning Center.

-- Justin Fox, M&S Chairman

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