Monday, June 30, 2008

Message from The Chairman

Hello, Movers and Shapers!

Just a brief message to let y'all know how much appreciated and successful your work with our volunteer group has been during the past Monarch school year, 2007-08.

Your enthusiasm on all of our varied projects throughout the past school year has been very impressive. We are especially grateful to our re-tooled M&S Core Committee, which has done a fantastic job for us. Also a special thank you to our two biggest boosters, Marty Webb and John Barone. Thanks so much!

As we take a slight lull during the summer months, we'll look forward to an even bigger and better effort as we head into the next school year, 2008-09!

Enjoy the summer and we'll see you soon!

Justin Fox.
Chairman, Movers and Shapers

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