Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Message from the Chairman

Hello, Movers and Shapers volunteers and our faithful supporters!

Well, our M&S Core Committee has started off the 2008-09 Monarch school year in fine fashion!

We have just added three new wonderful members to our group, namely Madelyn Browder (The Monarch School's recently-retired Secretary), Kandace Shyer (a Monarch mom who is Co-Liaison between M&S and The Monarch School), and Brittany McGarvey (who will be assisting the Monarch Development office in grant writing, and whose mother-in-law is Betty McGarvey, a Monarch teacher).

We just conducted our first M&S Core Team meeting on September 4th. It was quite an excellent meeting, as we set our goals and declared our ongoing projects for the coming school year. We also welcomed our three new members, Madelyn, Kandace, and Brittany. We also bid farewell in absentia to Penny Weiss, one of our most dedicated and enthusiastic M&S members, who is moving to Idaho. We surely will miss you, Penny! A much more detailed description of our meeting will be our official M&S minutes, which will be posted to this blog very soon.

Here's wishing our volunteer group another productive, fulfilling and fun-filled year, as we strive to assist The Monarch School in a variety of ways in its mission of providing the best therapeutic, innovative day school anywhere for students with neurological differences!

Justin Fox
M&S Chairman

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