Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Developers Meeting--September 11, 2006

Developers Meeting - September 11, 2006


Present: Julie Meaux, Carolyn Trozzo, Stephanie Wheatley

John Barone, Emily Reiter, Jessica Stoner, Marty Webb, Shannon Woodruff

Absent: Meg Moore

  • Confirmed that the Development Group would serve two purposes:

1. Development of external contacts

2. Development of the Monarch parent community

  • Methods of developing external contacts were discussed:

1. Established that networking is the most effective method to publicize Monarch

2. Contacting school districts, particularly special services personnel

3. Development committee members will personally contact

friends/acquaintances in the education community

4. Agreed that health professionals need to be targeted. Carolyn Trozzo suggested a program of donating books to doctor’s offices. These would be from Monarch with details of the school inside

5. Car decals with the Monarch logo and email address were discussed. Julie Meaux and Emily Reiter will obtain estimates from printers

6. Suggestion was made that decals would make an excellent gift for those attending Monarch’s Fundraising Breakfast in November

7. It was suggested that an electronic, parent newsletter would be an effective method of building community spirit and school support amongst the parents. Stephanie Wheatley will meet with Shannon Miller (a Monarch parent) to discuss format and ideas


Cathy Graham said...

My child just began attending St. Catherine's Montessori and they have a wonderful, weekly e-newsletter sent home to families. I will be happy to forward it to whoever is appropriate.

Aleta said...

I especially like the idea of the car decal as this was one of my questions last year. Has anyone looked into this further and have info to share?

Julie Meaux said...

To anwer Aleta's question regarding Monarch decals - yes we have looked into them and have actually purchased them. We had 1000 4x4 decals printed and we are planning to give them out at the breakfast to each guest. We should have plenty leftover for anyone who would like to have one for their car.

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