Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Message from Chairman Fox (not to be confused with Chairman Mao!)

Is this Movers and Shapers Group, and our new blog, great or what???!!!

Masterful job in bringing all of us M&Sers into the 21st century, Miranda. Just goes to show that you indeed can teach an old dog (or Fox) new tricks! I don't think that Bill Gates has to worry about me taking over his computer software empire anytime soon, though!

We soon should have all four of our M&S committees (Educators, Builders, Developers, Heralds) posting to this blog the minutes of their respective meetings on 9/11. Of course, Miranda, being the SAPB (Supreme and All-Powerful Bloggerette) already has contributed her succinct and informative minutes of the Educators Committee meeting.

I'm sure that after everyone has taken the time to read all four M&S committees' minutes, once they're all posted, that it will be evident that we are on the right course in organizing and developing some innovative and most helpful projects in assisting The Monarch School to go onto to even greater heights!

Keep up the good work, y'all!

-- Justin Fox, Movers and Shapers Chairperson

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