Thursday, January 25, 2007

Builders Minutes 1/25/07

Just back from another Movers and Shapers meeting. I was the only Builder present so the discussions I had were with various Monarch administrators and other Movers and Shapers members.

*I asked John and Marty for a conduit. Monarch staff have begun discussing projects for the new buildings and grounds but they aren't reaching our group.

*John, Miranda and I discussed having the Heralds recruit members for both the Builders and Educators groups.

*Miranda and I met with new Movers and Shapers members John and Judith to fill them in on what the Educators and Builders are all about.

*Neil told us about some fabulous developments. Landscaping for the new campus will be donated, we will have fruit trees, and two private residences near the new campus have been donated for residence and life skills development.


Marty F. Webb said...

I have a feeling the "builders" are only temporarily without a project. SOON, it will probably be a very busy group! So here's a call for everyone to recruit members who will be interested in "hands on", get-down-and-dirty projects!

I can't tell you how inspired I am by the enthusiasm and energy of the whole Movers and Shapers group. There was a "buzz" in the room yesterday during the meeting that warmed my soul!

Marty Webb

Steph Wheatley said...

I am jumping ship to join the Builders. So please count me in on your next meeting. Meanwhile, has anyone from your group been in contact with Richard Klein? He had mentioned a project that he needed help with at the zoo. I have a few artistic projects in mind that we could be working on to take to the new campus. Looking foward to meeting with you soon.

Steph Wheatley said...

I am jumping ship to join the Builders! So please count on me being part of your group the next time we meet. I have a few ideas about projects we could be working on. Also, have you had any success with obtaining volunteers to help at the zoo? I'd like to help, so just let me know.

John said...

Congrats on your new member, Ranger! May your committee continue to grow!

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