Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Hey Heralds!

I have a project idea/request for you. I'm working on recruiting new volunteers from local universities, and it would be really helpful to have a simple, one-page brochure or flyer about Movers & Shapers (who we are, what we do, etc.). We have the Monarch packets, of course, which are great, but I think a piece of introductory literature about our group would be very handy for situations like this. Any chance one or more of you could work on this soon? It certainly doesn't have to be anything fancy, just short and sweet.


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John said...

Well, Miranda, our fearless leader has drafted a wonderful document that you can find on our website here:

I love the idea of boiling down the basics and putting it into a brochure. Any heralds out there willing to take that on?



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