Friday, January 26, 2007

Educators Minutes

Like Ranger, I was a committee of one yesterday, but here are a few items I discussed with others at the meeting:
  • We've been having trouble recruiting "mentors" to come to Monarch and speak to students about topics of shared interest. Since I suspect part of the problem is that "mentor" implies a greater time commitment than many people are able to make, we are going to continue this recruitment effort but look for "guest speakers," instead. Neal provided the list of course offerings for 2006-07, which I will try to turn into a "wish list" for guest speakers. This will be a wonderful opportunity to use your connections in the community for Monarch's benefit!
  • Ranger had very good idea about working with local college student volunteer programs to recruit new M&S members. I'll follow up with this at UH and possibly at Rice, St. Thomas, and/or other Houston-area schools.
  • Neal told us about plans for a student talent show in May. The Educators' co-facilitator, Kay Kahl, is already involved with this project, and it may present us with new volunteer opportunities. If nothing else, maybe we can all get invitations to attend!
  • Neal and I discussed another volunteer organization, Houston Heifers, a local group supporting the work of Heifer Project International. Monarch students use Heifer-related materials in some of their classes, and I look forward to learning more about this program.


John said...

Great ideas, Miranda!

Marty F. Webb said...

Some great generation of ideas for the Educators! We have had good luck with guest speakers for the Life Academy and it would be fabulous to extend to the whole community! And OF COURSE you are all invited to the Talent Show....just as you will be invited to our Grandparents/Special Friends Day on Feb. 13. Invitations to arrive shortly!

neal sarahan said...

Hi Miranda - and all - two notes that could be helpful - Miranda - you are ON for the March 23 Parent Education Meeting. Let's get together for planning soon.
Second, we have been invited to a special tour of the HCC campus, including stduents and parents and guests. Might be a good chance for Movers and Shapers to come also - It will be on March 24th - more details to follow!

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